Coaching Program Agreement and Details

Your Coach will conduct a full-day Strategic Planning Session with you in the first month of the Coaching Program to identify your personal and business vision and goals. A Strategic Plan will be developed to identify the activities required of you and your team to achieve your goals. Your Strategic Plan will be updated each quarter.

You and your Coach will have aprox. 3 coaching sessions per month using Zoom. These sessions will be used for goal-setting, accountability, and troubleshooting. Your Coach is also available during normal business hours to discuss unforeseen challenges that arise during the week.

Your Coach will supply you with access to hundreds of proprietary templates and systems on an as-needed basis to enable you to complete your weekly goals. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates, sales scripts, operations manuals, financial management tools, and more.

Your Coach will critique your work on goals and assignments between weekly coaching appointments. You may submit your work for critique by email and the critiques may be delivered via email or during your next coaching session.

Your Coach will conduct up to four complimentary consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to solicit and understand their viewpoints and coordinate your coaching program with their efforts.

Your Coach will give you access to best-in-class business building resources and services supplied by our strategic partners at reduced rates. These include psychometric assessment tools, training programs, professional services, and more.

Graduated Coaching Programs

The perfect program for a startup, solopreneur or newer company that has a smaller team and some operational systems but has some real work ahead to reach the true potential of the business. The time has come to grow your skills as a business owner, marketer, and operations leader in your business. This coaching program can make that happen quickly.  You agree to 2 – 6 hours of focused effort working on your business per week.

  • Three weekly coaching sessions per month, up to 50 minutes each, over zoom
  • Strategic Planning, up to 6 hours as required
  • Strategic Plan quarterly deep dives (1-2 hours each)
  • Learning materials, templates and systems (Included)
  • Critique Service, 4x per month (Included)
  • Support for parternships (Included: Up to 2 partners)
  • 2 Supplier/Customer consultations (Included)
  • Creating your BEing Program

Financial Investment*

  • $1,000 (1x Strategic Plan & Setup)
  • $300 (mo. 1-2), $600 (mo. 3-4), $900 (mo. 5-6), $1,250 (mo. 7+)

*The monthly investment is paid on the same day of each month by automatic processing of the credit or debit card on file, and in advance of the month’s services being rendered.

Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality. The Coaching Program materials you receive are confidential and proprietary. These materials are unpublished works protected by copyright laws and no unauthorized copying, adaptation, distribution, storage or display is permitted. You agree not to be use, disclose, or duplicate them, except within your company. We agree to honour the confidentiality of your trade secrets and intellectual property.

Advisory. Our Coaching Program services are advisory. You bear sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in your business. You agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless your Coach from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from your activities related to the Coaching Program. You agree to be accountable for producing results in the Program so that your Coach can ensure that you receive the education you need in order to enjoy a life-long journey of success in business.

Scheduling. Coaching appointments can be re-scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice. Otherwise, the coaching appointment will be forfeited. From time to time, your Coach may need to take time away to observe holidays, take vacations, attend company events, etc. When this occurs, you will either enjoy a week without goals (no refunds will be given) or re-schedule additional coaching appointments before or after the time away.

Reporting. You will be asked to report the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of your business on a regular basis, so your Coach can monitor the health and performance of your business.

Evaluation. Just as your progress is regularly evaluated through the goal setting coaching sessions, you may be asked to evaluate the performance of your Coach from time to time. You agree to certify in writing that you are satisfied with the services you have received since the last evaluation. If you are not fully satisfied with the services you have received (at any stage) you agree to let us know, so that we can work with you to rectify your concerns.

Termination. You may elect to terminate this agreement at any time upon thirty days notice in writing. Your final monthly investment will be due upon notice of termination. Your coach may elect to terminate this agreement at any time with no final investment required. 

Guarantee.  You’ll agree, within 17 weeks, that coaching has been one of the best decisions you’ve made for your business, or I’ll coach you for free until you do.  This assumes we are clear on what you want to achieve, you do the work we agree you’ll do and you create the time in your schedule to do so.

Agreement. This is the entire agreement between you and your Coach, all prior agreements, promises or representations being merged herein. This agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.

Client Commitment Statement

As a client, it’s important that we have your commitment and dedication to the program so we can help you achieve your goals, needs, and expectations! Please take note of the following standards and ensure your commitment to their execution:

  • At all times, you will be honest, truthful and professional.
  • You will disclose all necessary information so that we can service you efficiently.
  • You will test strategies to determine results and identify what works best for your business.
  • You will keep all your appointments or give at least a 24 hours notice with any changes.
  • If you are not fully satisfied with the services you are receiving, you will immediately notify us so we can work with you to rectify your concerns.
  • You will be realistic with your expectations of us and of yourself.
  • You are prepared to take the action on our mutually agreed upon goals.
  • You are prepared to invest in yourself and change, as necessary, to achieve your goals.
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