Build a business that benefits all stakeholders

Your business impacts more than just you. We help you build a business you love owning, your team loves being employed by, your customers love supporting and one that makes a positive impact in society.

Our Coaching Services:

1-on-1 Coaching

Weekly 1-on-1 coaching to help you build an amazing high-performing team, improve cash flow and put systems into place to get you working in the business less, and on the business more

Preparing to Exit

Increase the value and sellability of your business so it can run without you, giving you the freedom to sell it to a 3rd party, pass it down to your children or transition it to a 100% employee owned business

Mental Fitness

A six week intensive course focused on training your mind to treat every problem and challenge as an opportunity and blessing so you can perform at your very best and find more joy in the journey

Founder and Coach

Andrew Lamppa’s passion is to help business owners live successful and impactful lives.  Having spent most of his career wearing the shoes of a business owner, he knows all too well the trials and tribulations that come with business ownership.  He also knows the potential impact and joy that can come with this calling.  

He grew his last business to seven figures and had built a team of 25 committed employees.  At the time it was acquired, it was growing at 8x the industry average and it was 4x as profitable. 

His focus now is on helping business owners build highly profitable and purposeful businesses that not only benefit the owners, but also the employees, customers, society and future owners of the business.

His goal is to see that every business, regardless of size, sector, stature or stage would become a force for good in the world.